Wednesday, August 04, 2010

sometimes when someone says something doesn't matter, it actually matters to one a lot. i'm guilty of that, why do we all have to be so stubborn and prideful?

gene u know he angry with me?

i apologise cos i thought of him badly
tt one i realli wrong

im just gonna leave this issue there
more i explain worse it gets up there in his mind
maybe time will heal him ba

(and even being jealous)
u his new bestie

tell me all these sound like it doesnt matter to him at all.
if we can all step back, and look at why this happened. it all happened out of love - maybe just the wrong methods used.

actually if i do feel smth
i feel tired actually

only today i feel so
cos from the start till today
i try to help u 2 get together
but still fail

what he sees is i betray him
tts it nth more

Cheryl: i think
everyone is like
trying to help someone else
thinking its for the better
but nv really explain the rationale behind certain things
(1:38 AM) Cheryl: then leads to the downfall
(1:38 AM) Because a girl l: yea kinda
(1:39 AM) Because a girl l: haiz

love for your friend. love for your loved one.
you can either feel touched or dissapointed, why choose the latter?
actually, all this wouldnt have happened if we all don't love each other. when trust doesnt matter. understanding doesnt matter. bonds don't matter.

but the fact is, we all matter a lot, to each other.

realized another thing as well, you and him make better friends than another other combination. because i can tell he truly is a friend to you, no matter how crude, reckless he may be. we all have our flaws don't we?

if you could be me for a day, you will realize what i just realized.
some things, very hard to put down in words.
sometimes, u must believe in the leap - from logic to faith.
faith in me.

we always end up hurting each other more when we think what we do is better for the other party.
if both of us can be more selfish and follow our heart, then such sorrows can really be avoided i guess.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

ah sitting here, too lazy to prepare for work. offered dex to spring clean the shop today so i'm decked out in shorts and shirt =) but i'm wearing this later..

the buttons were sewed on real loose and dropped twice already! thankfully, my sweet sister (she's seldom sweet) agreed to help me sew the button up hee =) still don't know what hair to tie later.. see la, long hair = too many choices!


24th december ; first day of the 2nd roadshow!

it was raining that day and i got soaked in the rain. for the 23092302th time, i'm gonna complain abt those unkind ppl in singapore! all of them had umbrellas (beside the poor me) and they didn't even offer to share an umbrella with me. WTF la, when i see someone without an umbrella and i have one i will share one lor! sw said its because it was raining => makeup melt => scare the shit out of ppl but my makeup is waterproof =D hahaha.

fell sick (high fever + manly cough) because of that. *sigh*

working with the gay again =D
damn nice, treated me to meals everyday i work day (out of 4 days, i worked there 2 days)

my fringe center parting!! :( ugly.

sales was bad, the crowd was pathetic as compared to the one at suntec. so we chatted away to kill time -_- but of cause, sell when there's people.. (in case my boss ever comes across my blog, i do check my blog in the shop!)


christmas (25th december)

picked up my blue dress early in the morning, sent it for alteration because the straps were way too long! (altered each strap by 3") asked papa if i should tie up my hair, he said let down better!

my teddy bear necklace! it was actually a handphone keychain but i modified it =)

i should really start preparing for work -_-
shall blog again soon! have tonnes of pictures to upload too hee.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

quitted my damn job at the conceirge (yay!) but still pretty busy with work due to the IT roadshows :) one roadshow just ended on sunday but we are preparing for another one coming up on the 24th.. hee, pretty excited =D

last day, everyone stands on the tables trying to get people to buy the netbooks/notebooks.

lol, scribbles on the board.

i was at the accessories counter selling stuffs with jimmy. here's my gay partner who's wearing pink -_-

gosh, alot of people told us we look alike (be it fu qi xiang or bro/sis) hahaha! after seeing the photo i took with him i think we do alike as well, esp the eyes + dark circles part =.=


went dining with darling on monday =) gosh we spent alot that day (esp me LOL) i bought 2 new dresses @ $44 & $54 each respectively.

outfit for the day! he loves it!

we dine at manhattan so often nowadays. he's totally hooked. i'm bored, i think we ate most of the stuffs on the menu alrdy.

the food is good and affordable though =D

the norwegian grilled salmon is REALLY good. gosh i won't mind eating it again hehe.

as usual, ice peach tea ~

my date with a very bored face hahaha.

happy bebe! got him a pair of shoes from everlast, ultimate belated birthday present lol.


some older pictures..

wore this dress out twice already, love how it hides the tummy :D

br picking me up from work @ clarke quay and we dined at waraku. i love waraku! food is cheap and ambience is awesome. brought xm there during her dinnertime too lol.

US at manhattan again hahaha.

playing a fool before the food reached us lol~ camwhoring is fun! (i'm the main culprit though)

the arrival of our food!


this is actually someone's xmas present hahahaha..


one of my new cardigans! gosh i love koreanish fashion apparels =P

xm said this looks very ah ma-ish though =( i think it looks fine.

got this together with the cardigan above, wore it to work on the first day of the roadshow. love this to bits, super pretty and cute!

wahahaha that's all. signing off for now, byeeeee =)

Friday, December 11, 2009

i'm at work right now :D life's been pretty ok for me nowadays..

1 ) parents flew to myanmar; kinda miss them!! its the first time my mum is sitting on the airplane haha.. they will be coming back next wednesday :)

2 ) meet up with ryan more often and we watched movies (zombieland, case 39)

3 ) realized ryan is a total ball-less guy esp when we were watching case 39

4 ) cut bangs!! hehehe.

i think i look sooo young nowww..

happy :) nobody will think i'm br's mother/elder sister or someone who's aged 21 & above capable of donating monthly to cancer patients overseas/needs financial assistance.

and omg i'm working @ the conceirge now and the ways of singaporeans totally amuse me.. cheapskate-ness, how rude they are etc etc.. oh well =.=

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

ok let's start with the bad news, i broke my dior highlighter (limited edition), guerlain eye palette (limited edition), my almost brand new paul & joe face powder and a pupa eyeshadow. i dropped them on the floor at different times. heart pain la.. i don't dare to count what's the total damage. $200??? and i totally need to buy the P&J refill lor.. its a nice face powder T_T

no time (and energy) to blog nowadays.. have been working almost every day and reach home at about 11pm?? if i'm not working i will be sleeping till the afternoon, going out, and reaching home late again.

went out that day with br.. for the entire day, he was the xiao bai lian. he's officially broke and i'm the one paying for his meals and giving him money to top up ez-link card yada yada till his pay day (10th of every month, can't wait!) i was grumbling to him telling him that thank god i'm not a guy because i hate forking out money to pay for my partner stuffz/needs. then he was using this opporturnity to mock me and remind me of how i always make him pay for my meals -_-

dress for that day:

when barry and i stand together, we look really funny. i always wear like i'm attending some wedding dinner while he's always in a ragged shirt and a pair of old jeans. and it doesn't help that i look so much older than him. i want a mature looking bf !!

camwhoring while waiting for the bus, went to NP's manhattan to eat. its our third time there?? there's a good promotion going on, spend $40 and they give u a $10 redemption voucher. we spent $35 hahaha.. and for weekdays before 5pm, there's these super worth it set meals (soup of the day, main dish, drink) fish and chips set which is equivalent to that of fish & co (quality and portion wise) at only $9.90!!

topped up an additional dollar for this yummy clam chowder (i think they call it fisherman's chowder or something) love!

bored baby..

asking him to smile at the camera lol. professional camwhore i tell you.

forgot to take pictures of the fish & chips before tucking in.. too hungry already. the serving is huge! can feed 2 cheryls i think. sharing with barry while waiting for our next dish.. :D

flaming prawns or something lol. their AWARD winning prawns.

its quite nice la :) but i find the sauce abit too creamy and thick.. personal preference though hee. love the fish nonetheless. but i love the butter rice most!!!! super yummy :)

he ate 65% of everything.. i was full early hehe. shall continue blogging soon, he's calling =_=

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